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Claire Connor, owner, City Balance Body & Mind Derby
Adèle Brazeau-Feeley
Dance Movement Psychotherapist
I am a mover, a dancer, a dance artist, a dance practitioner and a registered dance movement psychotherapist! What can I say! I love to learn, and I intend to share a creative space and time with you. I am a person with an eclectic dance training and experience as well as academic studies in the arts, culture, and business to name a few. I use many creative mediums to connect with myself and find inspiration and ideas, such as movement, drawing and journaling. I am passionate about holistic health, well-being, spirituality, nature, the mind and body connection, intuition, culture and imagination.
I have supported, taught and led dance classes with people of all ages and abilities throughout the years and during my studies in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. I have facilitated sessions in numerous charities and self-help groups along the way. Now I would love to share, teach and facilitate the joy of creativity and movement with you women who are seeking to connect with herself, have sacred space to ground your body and mind, express yourself and learn along the way. Perhaps you would like some time to increase your self-care or find a safe space to increase your self-confidence. So much is possible when you give it attention.
As a member and registered dance movement psychotherapist, I abide by the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK’s (ADMP UK) Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.
  Creative Movement with Adèle
What to expect in a creative movement session: Women’s circle group
The session is usually structured with an introduction and warm-up section followed by the main movement and creative process and ending with time for group sharing and personal time to reflect whether in writing, drawing or verbally. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED or perhaps you have danced in the past and it has been a long time since you stretched those arms, feet and toes! I simply ask you to come as you are, be open to the possibilities, wear comfortable clothing and perhaps a cushion/pillow or blanket for you to sit on if you prefer sitting on the floor. The session will usually include some music and props. A theme may be introduced and guided through or a theme may be agreed upon by the group. The session is for you to be who you are, connect with your authentic self and engage as much as you feel comfortable too.
Potential outcomes:
-Feed your emotional and physical well-being
-Express your uniqueness
-Connect with yourself, mind, body and soul
-Allow time and space for yourself
-Explore your creativity
-Expand your possibilities through movement
Movement is living and movement is breath! So, let's live!

Rule of the session
To respect each other by creating a non-judgmental space for the session to be a safe container for your exploration and discoveries to take place. As the facilitator, I shall be responsible for guiding the session along.
Adele Brazeau-Feeley: 07936 610 118
Please use this form to contact Adele about movement and dance sessions.

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